Thanksgiving Leftover Franks

1 pound                   Leftover cooked turkey meat (boneless)
½ pound                   Leftover Mash Potatoes (you may be able to use some gravy)
½ pound                   Leftover Stuffing/Dressing
½ pound                   Leftover Vegetable side dish (green bean casserole) 
¼ pound                   Cranberry (sauce, relish, gelatin)
4 each                       Egg Yolks            
Bread crumbs (optional) to make thicker, if needed.

Put all ingredients, except for the egg yolks and bread crumbs, into a food processor and pulse until all ingredients are mixed and incorporated.  Take out of the processor and fold in the 4 egg yolks that have been previously beaten. 

Create an emulsification by using a whip or whisk.  If the mixture has too much liquid, add the bread crumbs to tighten up the mixture.  It should be fairly stiff before you recook. 

Once the egg is incorporated and the proper consistency is reached, take about 12 ounces of it at a time and roll onto plastic wrap.  Use the plastic wrap to make a cylinder out of the mixture.  Twist up the ends and tie off. 

Have a large pan filled with enough water to submerse the leftover cylinder on the stove at a temperature of about 165 degrees.  Place the frank in the water and poach until the internal temperature has reached 150-155 degrees. 

Take out, let rest, unwrap from the plastic and put between a hoagie bun.  Add ketchup, mustard or whatever you would like. 


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